Workshop STEPPING PLUS on energy efficiency financial tools for the technical staff of Unione Reno-Galliera Municipalities

On last Wednesday 9th June an online meeting between AESS and the technical officers of the Unione Reno-Galliera Municipalities took place. The workshop started with a brief introduction about Unione Reno-Galliera Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP), entered into force on last 4th April.

According to SECAP planned actions, AESS organised this workshop aiming at introducing Unione Reno-Galliera Municipalities on available financial tools for energy retrofitting of public buildings.

A brief presentation on STEPPING PLUS project goals and former STEPPING project implemented actions and lessons learnt was shared.

After that, with reference to Next Generation Italy Action Plan, AESS illustrated all available provided Funds on public buildings for improving their energy efficiency and sustainability.
The meeting closed with a lecture on multiple financing instruments such as Conto Termico, Energy Efficiency National Fund, Kyoto Fund, White Certificates, Energy Communities, ROP ERDF calls for tenders and Energy Performance Contracts, these last ones deemed, also in the STEPPING PLUS approach, as valuable schemes for deep energy retrofit for public buildings but conceived also as effective and actual tools for making Local Authorities leading the example in energy transition pathways.

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