In the final period of the STEPPING PLUS project Energy agency KSSENA from Slovenia has prepared an »ACTION PLAN for the EPC schemes roll-out in the public buildings sector of the Savinjska-Šaleška...

On last 21st April AESS presented the final milestone of the regional STEPPING PLUS pathway involving 7 Municipalities of the Unione Reno Galliera.

Local authorities will benefit of the technical assistance in financial and legal field in order to prepare tender documents for the selection of the ESCo…

Diputació de Girona (DDGI) started in May 2021 a holistic project to assist municipalities on the development of its local Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SECAPS).

The second project meeting of STEPPING PLUS took place on the 10th of February 2022. Due to COVID Pandemia it was organized as online meeting.



STEPPING PLUS – The project focuses on the TRANSFERRING of previously MED STEPPING project outputs. The main objective of STEPPING PLUS is to transfer the EPC (Energy Performance Contracts) guidelines and the related simulation tool to receivers.

The project aims at promoting and facilitating energy renovation of public buildings, being a crucial challenge of programme area and contributing to the recently launched EC Strategy “A renovation Wave for Europe”, included in the Green Deal Action Plane.

The project brings together eight partners from four countries of the programme area. Three partners that actively participated in STEPPING project act as givers. The remaining five partners – regional energy agencies and authorities – act as receivers. One additional receiver, a municipality in involved as associated partner.  


STEPPING - Supporting The EPC Public Procurement IN Going-beyond brings together nine partners from seven countries of Mediterranean Area for testing new approach of application of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) scheme.

Are Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) always the best solution for energy efficiency plans of public buildings in the MED area? How is it possible to increase their diffusion? These were the main questions addressed by STEPPING project, from 9 partners coming from 7 different European Countries.

The possible solutions came out by testing a new approach for the application of EPC scheme for energy efficiency intervention for public buildings. A common methodology was identified for the implementations of pilot activities in partnership regions. Local authorities were engaged through dissemination events and a hard field work involving policy makers and stakeholders which led to the subscription of 22 formal Agreements with 70 public bodies. Small municipalities of a specific area with their buildings needing renovation were pooled together to develop joint Investment Plans (economy of scale plus critical mass for the EPC market requirements) and, in some cases,  launch the EPC tender.

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