On Tuesday 26th October project's partners gathered online for the first training - Q&A session on the topic "the bundling of buildings/municipalities".

The 3 givers partners recording training videos on 3 subtopics especially (Key elements enabling successful EPC schemes, The key role of EPC facilitator, The Investment Plan methodology) - coordinated by the LP Silvio De Nigris - recapped in 5 minutes each the main content of the presentation videos.

Then specific questions were asked to each of the speakers on specific issues, ranging from the EPC facilitator costs to average time of the implementation of an EPC, from details on the just delivered simulation tool to ways for making attractive an EPC tender even in the case low energy consumption buildings need to be included, from experience of EPC tenders where CO2 savings are reported in terms of performance to the management of unforeseen external factors affecting the final yearly fee due to the ESCO (energy price adjustments, inflation rate on maintenance, etc). Since questions were many more than time allocated, decision was made to share written answers to pending questions as well as reflection was made over the idea of planning a duration of 2 hours for the 2 further Q&A sessions.

In conclusion the LP proposed also a quick reflection about the proposed training session format and all partners speaking reported to be satisfied with it. Next Q&A training session on "The financial sustainability of projects" will be held on 18th November, 11 am CET and, by the end of October, 3 further recorded videos to be watched beforehand the live Q&A session will be available on the STEPPING PLUS website and YouTube channel.