Why & How

"Step up to energy efficiency"

Are Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) always the best solution for energy efficiency plans of public buildings in the MED area? How to increase their diffusion? STEPPING’s partners past experience and results of MED projects developed under previous programmes, show that it is necessary to adapt this investment scheme to the conditions of the MED area, which are not comparable to those of northern and central EU countries.

The project aims to test a new approach of application of EPC scheme in the design and awarding of energy efficiency intervention for public building stock in order to develop validated guidelines on MED EPC to be transferred and Disseminated to MED Public institutions.

In the project new approaches of EPC, elaborated from the sharing of own knowledge raised by partners past projects, need to be tested through pilots activities in order to improve their adequateness to MED area. To do this, 12 pilots action will be developed of which 8 EPC based investment plans will be prepared and 4 pilot actions will test the procurement procedures.

After test and validation of new methodologies, transferring activities will be performed via training actions.

Dissemination to other MED insitutions is a key element of the project, aiming to achieve the goal of increasing the number of energy efficiency plans on public buildings.