What we achieve

STEPPING main objectives are:

  • to adapt the application of EPC investment for public buildings scheme to MED specific context,
  • to test the implementation of EPC MED schemes inside investment plans and public procurement,
  • to raise the competences on EPC for public building of MED public procurers and market players.

STEPPING main outputs are:

  1. EPC investment plans model for MED local authorities: investment plan based on common approach and similar methodologies applied and tailored in 8 different territories (to be released second half of 2018)
  2. Procurement procedure for awarding energy efficiency works: set criteria and methodlogoy for tendering used in 4 tendering procedures launched for ECSOs (to be released second half of 2018)
  3. MED EPC GUIDELINES for EPC implementation in MED area based on pilot and testing activities, released into 7 national languages of partners and English (to be released at the beginning of 2019). 


STEP by STEP we are providing the deliverables of STEPPING project:


D3.2.1 EPC best practices collection


The MED Area is significantly different regarding climate, idiosyncrasy, and other factors to Central and Northern Europe, where the EPC market is more developed.

The objective of this evaluation of EPC Best Practices (BPs) in Mediterranean area (MED) is to find some common factors to help us defining and design a particular Energy Performance Contract (EPC) model adapted to MED Area.

We do not have data that typify EPC contracts in non-MED territories, so even if we find correlations or common factors in the analyzed BPs we will not be able to assure that they are specific to the MED Area.

Information about Best Practices gathered from all STEPPING project partners is divided into ten sections: Basic information, Buildings' data, Technical parameters, Contracted measures, Contract related figures, Contracting models applied, Funding approaches, Types of buildings included in the contracts, Tender approaches and Awarding procedure.


D3.3.1 Pilot implementation handbook

The aim of the STEPPING project is to boost the adoption of EPC contracts for an effective improvement of public buildings energy efficiency in the Mediterranean countries. While those models are indeed diffuse in the Northern Europe, many barriers and obstacles are still in place in the Southern countries for their proper implementation. The purpose of this handbook is to share a common framework on EPC issues and experiences at Mediterranean level so that each STEPPING partner has all the elements for the pilot implementation phase of the project.