Financing Energy Efficiency in Spain through European Initiatives and Programmes

On 7th of March in Madrid Huelva County Council, Plataforma ENERINVEST and Deloitte organized the event called “Financing Energy Efficiency in Spain through European Initiatives and Programmes” which main objective is to promote energy efficiency (especially in buildings) by implementing new financing alternatives or methods to increase the trust of clients and financial institutions.

ENERINVEST aims to become the National Platform for financing Sustainable Energy Projects. A reference platform for consulting, meeting and dialogue among the main stakeholders in sectors involved. Technical, legal and financial solutions are offered to energy efficiency projects and renewable energies, promoted by both the public and private sectors.

More about ENERINVEST you can find here.

To take benefit of the synergies between both projects, STEPPING project is presented, with the aim of make public it among the audience, whom was mainly composed of:

- Financial Institutions
- Public Administrations
- Energy Agencies

Some of the entities which attend the meeting were: CDTI (Industrial Technological Development Center, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness), Deutsche Bank, IDAE (Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy, Ministry of Energy), AGENEX (Extremadura Energy Agency), ISDEFE (Engineering Systems for the Defence of Spain), Deloitte (Energy Consultant Entity), ANESE (Spanish ESCOs Association), Girona County Council, Ecoserveis (Renewable Energy Consultan), CIRCE (Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption), AERGEN (Association of Spanish Agencies for Energy Management), ICEAN (Catalonia Institute of Energy).

Through this mid-term local event, STEPPING project inform the stakeholders about its objectives and actions. This meeting was mainly about the financing of Energy Efficiency projects and was attended by 40 entities.

Agenda of the meeting you can find here.

More about the event you can find here.

Veneu: Madrid, Torre Picasso, Planta 43 Sala Plaza Mayor