MEDNICE – Kick-Off meeting in Nice

The Kick-off meeting of the MEDNICE horizontal project was held from 7th to 8th of March in Nice (France), where all modular projects associated to the Efficient Buildings MED community where invited. STEPPING project was also there.

Each modular project is part of a thematic community of projects running during the whole programme period and to which they will contribute. STEPPING is one of the ten modular projects dealing with energy efficiency in public buildings that constitute the Efficient Buildings thematic community.

This thematic community is coordinated by the horizontal project MEDNICE (MED programme Networks for an Innovative Cooperation in Energy efficiency) and therefore it is umbrella to the following modular projects: CESBA MED, EDUFOOTPRINT, ENERJ, IMPULSE,  NEW FINANCE, PRIORITEE, SHERPA, SISMA, STEPPING and TEESCHOOL.

All modular projects participating in the “Efficient Buildings” MED community gathered, represented themselves and and set up the basis for further cooperation. During the second day, representatives from SMEs, businesses and lobbies had the opportunity to participate in the event, in search for further synergies with both the Horizontal and the Modular projects, contributing to the launch of the Efficient Buildings Thematic community.

Venue: Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen, 65 promenade des Anglais, Nice - France