Piemonte Region - Financing Energy Efficiency in the Public Sector

The 30th of May 2018, Sala Kyoto Environment Park – Torino, the Piemonte Region is organising the event “Financing Energy Efficiency in the Public Sector”.

The conference, organized in the framework of the STEPPING project, in cooperation with the co-financed by the Interreg Alpine Space Program PEACE_Alps project, aims at promoting the widespread of good practices for accelerating the energy efficiency investments in Piemonte.

Starting from the results of concrete examples implemented or under implementation in Piemonte, investments achieved thanks to the use of Energy Performance Contracting or financed by ERDF will be showcased. Besides, the importance of a sound energy management service will be called, by promoting coordinated actions for a joined way of energy management using common tools and bundling several municipalities together.

The event is dedicated especially to the municipal staff of Local Authorities, main recipient of services and examples provided. Afterwards, a large participation of professionals engineers and architects and ESCOs, which are seen as a key player in the investment’s implementation, is also foreseen.

The conference gathers relevant speakers from EU, Regional Public Authorities and Academic Institutions and includes also a site visit to a Nearly Zero Energy Building, realized after a deep renovation of an existing public school thanks to the underwriting of an EPC.

The program is available HERE