STEPPING training event in Portugal

On 14th May 2019 Regional Energy and Environment Agency from North Alentejo (AREANATejo) will organize one day training session for municipalities, parent institution, national public organizations. The training event will take place in Portalegre – Portugal.

Main themes:

1. Legislation: European and national Legislation.

2. ECO.AP and Energy Efficiency Management Contracts:

-          Energy Efficiency Management Contracts

-          Energy audits and audits

-          Selection of buildings and equipment

-          Public lighting register

-          Construction of "Baseline"

-          Public tender

-          Negotiation

-          Financing

-          Elaboration of the contract

-          Measurement and Verification Plan

-          Implementation and implementation of energy management

-          Project implementation phase

-          Measurement and Verification of Energy Performance

-          Examples of contracts

-          Analysis of examples of contracts and results