2018: A new year for energy efficiency in Italy

The Mediterranean country is commited to improve the energy performance of its buildings.


Good news for the energy efficiency in Italian buildings: the national government and some local authorities have just launched several initiatives that will power up the efficiency and the transformation of Italian cities.

On the 23rd of February, the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency was published on the Italian Official Journal (www.mise.gov.it/index.php/it/energia/efficienza-energetica).

The document, developed by ENEA and approved by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE – Ministero dello sviluppo economico) in December, has now officially entered into force. The goal is to save 20 M Toe (Tonne of Oil Equivalent) by 2020. The main instruments are fiscal deductions to incentivize investments and the strengthening of the White Certificates market.

Moreover, the Italian Government has just launched officially the Fund for Energy Efficiency, an equity fund that amounts to 185 M €. Through the managing authority Invitalia, it will support investments in the field of energy efficiency, by offering guarantees and loans with subsidized rate, with the aim to unlock the potential of the energy efficiency market.