Energy and financial independency – Green Alpine Day in Bled, Slovenia

On Friday, February 16, 2018, in the framework of the Association of Slovenian-Liechtenstein Friendship, a congress entitled Energy and financial independency was held in the town of Bled. At the event, the Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC Kranj participated with the PEACE_Alps project (Interreg Alpine Program) and STEPPING project (Interreg Mediteran), which both addresses the field of energy efficiency.

Over 150 participants gathered at Bled on Friday afternoon at a connecting event between Slovene and Liechtenstein companies in the field of energy and finance. The event was carried out as an opportunity or an introduction to long-term friendly and business cooperation between enterprises and institutions in the field of energy and finance.

The event started at 12.00 in the Grand Hotel Toplice with a working bilateral lunch under the patronage of the mayor of the Municipality of Bled, Mr Janez Fajfar. In the afternoon, there was a congress of energy and financial independence, attended by representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The speakers were addressed by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Ms. Eva ©travs Podlogar and Head of Sector for European States at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, authorized Minister Mr. Gregor ©uc. President of the Association of Slovene-Liechtenstein friendship Silvester Likar summed up the purpose of the meeting and stressed that the long-term goal of the project is friendship and active inclusion on the market of business and financial possibilities, that is, in the exchange of good practices and the implementation of positive strategies, which we know that in Slovenia as in the Principality of Liechtenstein are huge.

At the congress, the word was about sustainable environmental and energy management, Mrs. Katarina Pogaènik presented the Energy Atlas, an online tool for sustainable environmental and energy management. The Energy Atlas is a database with a single methodology, which has 4 modules (e-planning, e-literacy, e-cooperation, e-indicators). Atlas provides a wider use, provides strategic partnerships and increases energy literacy. Mrs. Katarina Pogaènik represented Regional Development Agency, BSC Kranj and held her presentation in the framework of the Peace_Alps project and STEPPING project. Dr. Matej Ogrin, President of CIPRA, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, which was founded in 1952, highlighted some examples of successful cooperation in the sustainable development of the Alps between Liechtenstein and Slovenia, which are the smallest Alpine countries. He said that the Alps are the only mountain in the world that is protected by an international treaty, and that CIPRA's mission is to preserve, live and stay in the Alps. CIPRA International hosts annual conferences and this year Slovenia will host Slovenia, on 25th and 26th of May, in Bled, on the topic of tourism growth and related quality of life in the Alps. At the end, he made some suggestions for further cooperation, especially with the involvement of young people in Alpine development themes. Director of the company Robotina, Devid Palèiè, talked about the technologies of the future, with an emphasis on energy and financial efficiency. As the technology of the future he pointed out: The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.

In the second part, the conference was dedicated to the financial aspect. Mr Oyvin Furustol spoke about private banking with a tradition and a modern approach. President of the Management Board of LON dr. Jaka Vadnjal on the business opportunities and the role of banks in times of cryptocurrencies and within the framework of Digital Slovenia. At the end, a short summary was made, with an emphasis on the importance of financial and energy independence.