Energy Audit and Investment Plans in Piemonte Region

During 2018 Regione Piemonte and Envipark organized several territorial meetings in order to engage the local authorities to be involved in STEPPING pilot cases, discuss the scenarios and the options that is possible to realize.

Nowadays, an endorsement letter has been signed with 7 Municipalities and 1 Public Institution, while 14 buildings (6 municipal buildings, 4 schools, 3 gyms and 1 theatre) were selected and Envipark conducted the Energy Audits in each one of them.

Regione Piemonte is still working to enlarge the group of municipalities/ buildings: 16-18 buildings involved in Investment Plan is the target. Local authorities have been bundled in two groups, on the basis of territorial proximity. Following this approach, two or three tenders will be launched, probably in Spring 2019, and the generated investment should range between 1 and 1.2 M€.

Additionally, STEPPING is working with INRIM (the National Institute of Metrological Research), that is a public institution with an head quarter in Torino. The approach for the energy renovation is to carry out a rough energy assessment of a complex area, defining a baseline consumption for few buildings, conduct an Energy audit on selected buildings and at the end, launch a Call for interest for a project financing. All the above investments will be set with the EPC concept.