Interview with Silvio De Nigris, Coordinator of STEPPING and STEPPING PLUS Modular Projects

At the end of the STEPPING PLUS project, we share with you an interview with the project manager, Mr. Silvio De Nigris.

STEPPING and STEPPING PLUS projects were focused on the challenges of the transition to a low-carbon economy through the implementation of Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) in public buildings in the MED Area. The partners engaged local and regional stakeholders, informed them of the overall strategy and content of the project, discussed about the existing regulations, technical and financial barriers of EPCs, and finally proposed possible process to develop Action Plans and launch EPC tenders. Therefore, STEPPING partners are in a good position to tell us what role information and skills play for the effective deployment of energy efficiency in public buildings. We asked Silvio De Nigris, from Piedmont Region (Italy), who coordinated STEPPING and STEPPING PLUS.


“Find the Mediterranean ways to Energy Performance Contracts”