MED Efficient Buildings Community First Annual Congress

New Finance representatives have participated in the initiatives to increase building efficiency in the Mediterranean area, with the presentation and capitalization of the results of the modular projects. The strategies and responses for the public sector, with training sessions and a round-table with EU high-level actors.

NEW FINANCE representatives have participated in the MED Efficient Buildings Community First Annual Congress. This event was a good opportunity for Modular Projects to meet representatives of other projects as well as EU policy actors. Three days full of workshops, round-tables and discussions. 

First day session consisted in a workshop between all attendees from different projects of the MED Community in order to analyze through table discussions each Modular Project (MP). 

The common object of all projects is the implementation of energy efficiency in public buildings of the Mediterranean area. The more discussed and commented topic was the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) as a basic tool to implement energy efficiency projects and a way to finance projects through the guarantee of savings.

Next morning was divided in in two sessions. The first one was a round-table by high level actors from EU. It was just an expression of willingness to foster energy efficiency in public building. The second part of the morning was dedicated to share and support some of projects, first by its lead partner, and followed by two round tables sessions.

During the afternoon it was carried out a training session on innovative financing schemes by Peter Schilken from Energycities project. The main innovative topic of this session was the concept of Internal Contracting

The last day began with a global view of the MPs and it was asked feedback based on the two preceding days, basically focused on the leanings from the financing training session. Julije Domac, coordinator of the New Finance project, gave feedback expressing that one real solution to spread real financing should go through an innovation based on putting in place a protocol to any bank (private or public) having the capacity to give finance for any project with guaranteed savings.