Mid-term local event in Huelva County Council

Through this first mid-term local event of Huelva County Council, on 21st February 2018 , the STEPPING project and its objectives have been disseminated among the municipalities of the province of Huelva. At the meeting have been invited and attended by representatives of 19 municipalities (this representation has been composed by politicians from municipalities-mayors and town councillors-, municipal technicians, Huelva County Council Deputes and technicians and the manager of Huelva Energy Agency.

This meeting was mainly about the EPC bundle and the procedure to carry them out, in this case, municipalities invited had been previously contacted and the viability of a EPC bundle in some of their municipal buildings (Primary Schools) had been analysed.

• First, the municipalities should formalize an Agreement of Accession to STEPPING project, where it express the interest to participate in the project.
• Secondly, an Investment Plan (including Energy Audit and economic and financial analysis) will be carried out in each municipality building (previously mayor municipality had signed the Agreement of Accession to STEPPING project). Huelva County Council must develop tender models of this Investment Plan and award the contract.
• Third, a Specific Agreement would be signed between interested municipalities (which Investment Plan is viable) and Huelva County Council, where the obligations in the EPC bundle of each entity will be regulated. The Investment Plan results will be added as an Annex to this Specific Agreement.
• Finally, County Council Huelva will develop EPC bundle tender models and its launch.

After Huelva County Council project presentation, there was an interesting discussion about the implications of the EPC bundle and how to implement it. In this debate were involved political representatives, municipal secretaries, comptrollers, Huelva Energy Agency and municipal technicians. It was agreed that by 8th March 2018, the Agreement of Accession to STEPPING project must be signed by municipalities and, in parallel, Huelva County Council would develop the Investment Plan tender models.
Finally, a satisfaction survey was distributed among the attendees, which results were:

•    Participants rate event as good or very good, even some as excellent.
•    Participants like mostly the project aims, event organization, debate.
•    Participants dislike some Specific Agreement obligations, doubts about ownership of new installed equipment

 Venue: Huelva County Council Environment Area