Next 2 tenders are ready to be launched in Piemonte Region

Several buildings located in 11 municipalities of Mongioie Area (Province of Cuneo) and other 8 buildings belonging to a research institute – INRIM - will be subject to an energy refurbishment by using the Energy Performance Contracting

Thanks to the technical and legal support offered by Piemonte Region and Environment Park, the Investment Plan for the energy refurbishment of 8 buildings settled  in Torino and  belonging to the National Metrology Institute (INRIM) was drafted and documents are ready for launching the EPC tender. All involved buildings are used as office and labs, the total investment will be at least 1,6M€ and the minimum guaranteed energy saving will be about the 25%.

In the meantime, also the Investment Plan related to the renovation of 17 public buildings settled in 11 municipalities of the Mongioie Area, a Consortium of 46 municipalities in the Province of Cuneo, is getting ready. Among the included buildings it is possible to find schools, city halls, social housing and gyms. The tender, to be launched in the coming weeks, will enable to achieve an investment of at least 730.000€  and  a minimum energy saving of about the 37%.

The Investment Plan summary data are available here.