Pilot actions from AESS within the STEPPING project come to an end.

3 of the selected Local Authorities within the STEPPING project are located in the Modena Province while 7 are within the Forlì Province.

Deeming valuable the EPC model/approach/concept developed in the framework of the STEPPING project, AESS has tried to apply/ implement/ replicate the EPC STEPPING model to another group of 7 Municipalities (Forlì being the major). Here 19 energy audits were carried out among the 63 concerned buildings and one bundled Investment Plan for those Municipalities was also developed. Only one tender was launched and a final EPC contract is going to be signed with the awarded ESCO by the end of the month of June. Schools and offices buildings mainly are concerned.

The tender foresees investments on Energy Conservation Measures of the concerned buildings for at least 6.3 M€ and an overall energy saving by nearly 30%, leading to over 100 t of CO2 reduction. The contract duration varies from 9 to 15 years. The new energy efficiency measures to be implemented range from new systems/boilers/plants to envelope insulation interventions. Also integration with seismic measures has been reached. The Forlì tender can be considered really innovative and successful since it combines several incentives (national ones, such as the so called “Conto Termico”, with regional ones from structural funds such as ERDF ROP and seismic improvement measures), thus making the tender more interesting/attractive to the ESCOs (having this way a lower financial risk allocated).

Despite AESS efforts and all the documentation produced, in the case of the 3 Municipalities of the Modena Province, an EPC tender was not finally launched, as not considered feasible by the concerned Municipalities. They finally went for a different solution (public procurement platform/agreement at regional level). However, the carried out analysis in the framework of the STEPPING project, helped them making a decision over the best solution to them.

The EPC tender in the Forlì province will generate relevant energy saving and in turn significant CO2 emissions reduction, which is one of the main aim and value of Energy Performance Contracts for public authorities willing to concretely move towards low carbon economies.