Potential of energy contracting in the Pomurje region

The fact is that in last years, Slovenia has started with the EPC, due to the rules for receiving subsidies. One of the problems in Pomurje region is the history of energy refurbishment – a few years ago we had available subsidies which covered very high percentage of the eligible investment costs and no one dealt with the EPC.

In the beginning of the project STEPPING PLUS, Local Energy Agency Pomurje have organized online dissemination event where all energy agencies from Slovenia have participated. We have introduced them the core of the project and final results, mainly what we will implement in our region Pomurje in Slovenia. With this, we also wanted to gain new ideas on how to possibly solve various problems, obstacles related to EPC preparation.

In order to prepare an Action Plan with the potential for EPC implementation in the Pomurje region, we held several meetings with the Regional development agency for Pomurje regarding the Regional Development Program in connection with the Action Plan and what will be prepared within the STEPPING PLUS project. Based on meetings with municipalities, we started inventorying proces, collecting data on energy consumption and energy status of heating systems in various public buildings, we started conducting preliminary energy audits to get familiar with the status of buildings of potential projects for EPC. In the beginning we started with around 200 public buildings for 27 municipalities - we needed to make selection of the buildings (some buildings are already renovated, some are not for EPC system, and some municipalities do not want to invest money in energy refurbishment because the potential of savings is not so reasonable big).

We hope that prepared Action Plan will be part of the implementation plan of regional policy / included in Regional Development Plan, that the potential for private investors will be identified and that it will become interesting enough to activate the EPC. On the other hand, we hope that the ministry will also support energy renovation of public buildings in the next financial perspective with subsidies.