Q&A session videos

You are invited to watch three Q&A session videos where the speakers are answering the partners questions. These sessions were carried out as part of activity 3.6 Transferring EPC guidelines and related simulation tool among all receivers.

Below you can watch videos of the recorded sessions:
1.    Q&A session on the topic “The bundling of buildings/municipalities”
2.    Q&A session on the topic “The financial sustainability of projects”
3.    Q&A session on the topic “The measurement and verification procedures of performance”

Before the session started partner watched prepared recorded videos on seven topics divided in three modules. Based on these video-s partners prepared their questions, which were answered by experts at the sessions. These training videos you can watch here:

-    1st MODULE – The bundling of buildings/municipalities – short videos for three topics; Key elements enabling successful EPC schemes, The key role of an EPC facilitator, Investment Plan & Financial models for EPC the STEPPING tools.  
-    2nd & 3rd MODULE – The financial sustainability of projects and The M&V procedures of performance - videos for topics; How to engage SMEs in the EPC process, Different EPC schemes/models, Integration of public grants into the EPC investment plan and Verification & Monitoring procedures in practice.

Based on these videos partner receivers (DGI, LEAP and KSSENA) will draft an action plan where the STEPPING PLUS transferred outputs will be integrated.