Second Q&A training session “The Financial Sustainability of projects”

On Thursday 18th November project's partners gathered online for the second training - Q&A session on the topic "The Financial Sustainability of projects".

Further to AURAEE and AESS “giver” partners, Nicholas Stancioff, representative of EUROPA Consortium (H2020 funded project), joined as special guest. Nicholas Stancioff, Laurent Chanussot and Piergabriele Andreoli recorded in the past weeks training videos on 3 subtopics especially (Different EPC schemes/models, How to engage SMEs in the EPC process, Integration of public grants/structural funds into the Investment Plan) and recapped in the opening of the session the main content of the presentation videos. Then specific questions were asked to each of the speakers, ranging from criteria for awarding public grants within EPCs to Fair subcontracting process from the ESCOs to the SMEs, from relevance of regional surveys on market analysis to patterns of the EUROPA platform, from allocation of risks to ESCOs where investments are mostly covered by public incentives to OPERENE experience in France.

Next and last Q&A session, dealing with Measurement & Verification procedures and hosting again special guests (such as the EVO Director, Denis Tanguay and Daniele Forni from FIRE) will be held on next 16th December, 2 pm CET (the related recorded video to be watched beforehand the live Q&A session is already available on the STEPPING PLUS website and YouTube channel). All project material are and will be available on project website and social media channels also for wider dissemination.