STEPPING EPC MED community is a space exclusively dedicated to MED public procurers, including ESCOs and experts interested in Energy Performance Contract (EPC) application, MED organizations involved in related projects ...

STEPPING EPC MED community was designed within the STEPPING project not only to help interested stakeholders building new business partnerships, exchange project ideas, but also to animate them via training activities, discussion groups, posting and sharing recent development trends in the EPC and to allow the development of a true EPC MED community. Moreover over STEPPING EPC MED community you will be able to keep track of investment opportunities, e.g. recent public tenders or calls to apply for co-financing the preparation of investment documentation and refurbishment works or to select ESCOs that will perform the works. The forum is opened to everybody. Anyone can post an announcement or reply to a topic, you do not have to register in order to participate in a conversation. In order to benefit from all the advantages the EPC MED forum offers – such as creating a user profile with a photo, receiving email notifications upon reply to a topic, being informed of new topics related to a thematic and having access to our Knowledge Resource Center – it is necessary to register. Register here.

STEPPING hub offers information for public authorities to understand basic principles of the EPC before joining the forum and gathering answers to specific questions.

Basic principles of EPC are presented through nine questions:

1. »What is an EPC?«

2. »Why and when an EPC?«

3. »Which are the benefits of an EPC?«

4. »What is the legislative framework at EU level?«

5. »When an EPC may not be the best choice?«

6. »Are there different types of energy services?«

7. »What is the typical EPC development process?«

8. »Who is an EPC facilitator?«

9. »What is a Measurement and Verification Plan?«

On the STEPPING EPC MED community platform you will find also EPC MED Guidelines, Policy Recommendation Document, containing a list of possible policy actions to support EPC in the MED area, information about the training activities performed locally by project partners, Pilot cases and useful links.


You are welcome to visit the STEPPING EPC MED community!