Stepping: launched the first EPC tender in Piemonte Region

Six buildings located in the municipalities of Borgomanero and Ghemme (Province of Novara) will be subject to an energy refurbishment by using the Energy Performance Contracting

Thanks to the technical and legal support offered by Piemonte Region and EnviPark, the “Unione Baraggia e Bramaterra” succeded in acting as centralized contracting authority and launching an EPC tender for the energy refurbishment of six public buildings belonging to the municipalities of  Borgomanero and Ghemme.  These buildings: 2 sport halls, 3 schools and 1 office building, were selected because of their high energy consumptions and the consequent need of several relevant renovation measures.

The EPC contracts envisage that an ESCo commits itself to carry on, using own or third parties’ financial resources, a number of intervention with the objective to guarantee a minimum energy saving which, in this case, will be about the 50% for Borgomanero and the 36% for Ghemme.

All information and documents concerning the tender are available here.