STEPPING Pilot actions in Alto Alentejo

AREANATejo promotes the implementation of a pilot action for the measurement and installation of energy consumption monitoring devices in public buildings in Alto Alentejo.

STEPPING project main objectives are to support the development and implementation of Energy Performance Contracts and development of actions leading to the implementation of the European Energy Efficiency Directives in public buildings. In order to meet those objectives, AREANATejo promoted the implementation of a pilot action in the field of measurement and installation of energy consumption monitoring devices in the 12 public buildings that integrate STEPPING Project, whose data are being integrated in real time common platform.

At the same time, they were developed energy diagnoses in the 12 buildings, aiming at identifying their energy consumption patterns and associated costs. As a main result of these diagnoses, 63 energy efficiency improvement measures were identified, focusing essentially on five main areas:

  1. Production of sanitary hot water through the use of renewable energy (biomass);
  2. Improvement of HVAC systems;
  3. Installation of capacitor batteries to compensate the power factor;
  4. Installation of solar photovoltaic systems for self-consumption;
  5. Improvement of lighting systems.

With an overall investment of around € 725.000, the implementation of these measures will lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption, thus resulting in an annual reduction of around € 194.000, with a simple payback period of 3,7 years (without funding).

AREANATejo also developed an Investment Plan, supported by the results of Energy Diagnoses. Thus, after analysing all the improvement measures identified, AREANATejo identified a high potential for reducing energy consumption subdivided into 7 main categories, as indicated in the table below: