“STEPPING Pilot actions in Greek islands”

In the framework of STEPPING project, the Aegean Energy and Environment Agency has been working to mature energy efficiency projects in public buildings in the Greek islands.

AEGEA’s main focus has been on schools, since these were of high priority for financing under the Structural Funds. Schools, were on the top of the evaluation list and gathered the strong interest of municipalities for social policy reasons.

In the last two years, AEGEA collaborated with 13 island municipalities and in total supported the maturation of 26 studies for respective number of buildings.

During the pilot work, AEGEA technical experts conducted energy audits and inspections in selected buildings, decided the appropriate energy efficiency interventions - included in a technical study - and drafted an investment plan for the energy retrofitting of the identified buildings through the use of EPC.

Interventions were carried out in heating and cooling systems, insulation, lighting and the inclusion of RES. The total investment amounts to € 2.395.000.

Out of these municipalities, AEGEA developed investment plans for 4 municipalities and 11 respective buildings.

More about the results on energy savings you can find here.