STEPPING PLUS project partners who have been cooperating the last 16 months presented their final activities. The Final Conference, held on 24th May in Girona, was implemented physically and online.

At the conference which was held in the organization of Provincial Council of Girona, lead partner of the Regione Piemonte dedicated a few words to the STEPPING PLUS project and highlighted the main results.

He was followed by Nicolas Garnier (Interreg Euro-MED Project Officer), who presented the main informations of the Interreg Euro-MED Program. Highlights the ambition of the program in the future, namely to support the transition to a climate-neutral and resilient society. Presents upcoming Euro-MED calls and 4 missions which the future projects can address. These are:
-    Strenghtening an innovative sustainable economy
-    Protecting, restoring and valorising the natural environment and heritage
-    Promoting green living areas
-    Enhancing sustainable tourism

There will be two types of projects; thematic and governance projects. Each thematic project will contribute to the one of previously mentioned missions. He also mentions that a call will opened at the end of June for thematic projects to be launched early next year.

Then improved EPC Simulation tool has been presented by AURAEE, which have been shaped from the existing excel tool in a web app. The conference ended with the presentation of the EPC Action plans of the receiver partners in the project. Participants of the event had the opportunity to hear EPC Experiences from regions, strengths, weaknesses of EPC schemes, focus of the action plans, recommendations and lessons learned and future activities of project partners in the field of EPC.

After the conference, the project partners concluded with a project meeting and briefly presented the impressions of the project work during the project.

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