STEPPING PLUS - starting workshop

On 25th May 2021 Energy and Sustainable Development Agency (AGENZIA PER LʼENERGIA E LO SVILUPPO SOSTENIBILE – AESS) will organize workshop for project partners »Receivers«.

Goal of the event is to evaluate the institutional/administrative and territorial needs of Spanish (DGI) and Slovenian (LEAP and KSSENA) project partners and to share real experience/pilots carried out within the STEPPING project.

Summary of the agenda:

- Welcome by LP

- Regione Piemonte (IT), AURA-EE (FR) and AESS (IT) will present their experience and results in STEPPING project

-“Receiver partner”s (DGI, LEAP and KSSENA) will share their experience/barriers in EPC schemes implementations, learning needs and expectations over the transferring process (in view of working out an action plan) …

- FCSP (IT), MCBO (IT) and AREC OCCITANIE (FR) will share their working plans within STEPPING PLUS project (which Municipalities and buildings engaged?) …

- Q&A


 The meeting will be held online through the Zoom platform.