STEPPING project on the European Week of Regions and Cities

STEPPING featured at the “Mediterranean Energy Debate” event, hosted by the Interreg MED Efficient Buildings Community and under the auspices of the European Economic and Social Committee. The event took place in Brussels on October 10th , during this year’s European Week of Regions and Cities.

The event, which was well-attended, gave an overview of the tools developed by projects belonging to the Efficient Buildings Community which can improve local energy governance in the Mediterranean. These tools are mainly targeted towards public authorities and address innovative management, multi-level governance, financing and awareness-raising.

AEGEA’s senior energy expert Kostas Komninos informed participants key lessons learnt from the STEPPING pilots, as they unfolded in the 7 participating countries. These include the extent to which EPC can be of added value for the retrofitting of a (pool of) public building(s) and the conditions that need to be in place for this to happen. He provided hands-on advice and steps that public authorities should follow to ensure successful delivery of an EPC project.

Delving more into this, Mr. Komninos presented the MED EPC Guidelines, core deliverable of STEPPING. The Guidelines aim to provide step-by-step guidance for the energy retrofitting of public buildings in the MED area through the use of EPC, taking into consideration a set of characteristics i.e. the climate, building typology, economy and market conditions, governance structures that are common in the Mediterranean and affect the roll-out of EPC in the region.