The EPC Investment Plan presented to the 7 Municipalities of the Unione Reno Galliera, in the province of Bologna

On last 21st April AESS presented the final milestone of the regional STEPPING PLUS pathway involving 7 Municipalities of the Unione Reno Galliera.

Thanks to the project AESS provided technical assistance, selecting and energy auditing 14 public buildings (schools, sport centres, City halls, etc).

Thanks to the results provided by the energy audits, AESS has worked out an Investment Plan EPC-oriented for the energy retrofit of those concerned public buildings. The Investment plan was presented to the engaged Municipalities in Argelato, province of Bologna. It foresees 7 M€ investments with a contract duration of 15 years and a yearly fee of nearly 300 k€. More than 50% of the investment would be covered by public funds (Conto Termico 2.0 in Italy).

The meeting was also very useful for answering many questions arisen by the Municipalities in relation to several aspects of the EPC contract such as: 1. What about several contracts (one for each Municipality) to be signed despite one only tender 2. How to overcome the situation of existing contracts on buildings managed in the 7 Municipalities by different operating companies 3. What if a Municipality makes the decision to include in the EPC tender all its buildings, even those not needing retrofit interventions?

In order to assess the feasibility of launching a real EPC call for all 14 buildings, in parallel to checks and further analysis technicians of each Municipality have been asked by AESS to undertake in the coming weeks, decision was also made to present the Investment Plan EPC-oriented to the Governing Board of the Unione, including the 7 Mayors of the related Municipalities. The new meeting has been planned for next 10th May 2022.