Third and final Q&A training session “The M&V procedures of performance”

On Thursday 16th December project partners gathered online for the third training – Q&A session on the topic “The Measurement and verification procedures of performance”.

On this third and last session speakers Denis Tanguay, Executive Director of EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) and Daniele Forni, Chief Technology Officer at FIRE (The Italian Federation for energy efficiency) answered pre-prepared questions from project partners. Daniele Forni have recorded video on M&V and Energy Performance Contracts in the past week which partners could watch before the Q&A session. Specific questions were asked to each of the speakers on specific issues, ranging from the topic about cost effectiveness of the M&V procedures and processes – e.g. is there threshold in terms of energy efficiency investments below which it doesn’t make sense to implement a M&V procedure because of its costs, from is there any set of percentage related to M&V costs a Public Authority should pay for, given the overall amount of an EPC contract, to group of question regarding the role and responsibilities of M&V experts – e.g. should the M&V expert be different from EPC facilitator.

With this session we have concluded our Q&A sessions, we thank all participating speakers and partners and at the same time we invite everyone to view the recorded sessions on the project STEPPING PLUS website.