Transferring experience on EPC: Stepping acting as mentor

Stepping had the very interesting opportunity to transfer its experience in the field of EPC implementation to some mentees in the framework of PROSPECT Horizon project.

The meeting, organized by Piemonte Region and EnviPark, was held the 28th and 29th of may in Torino.  PROSPECT aims to create an easy and replicable peer to peer learning program for regional and local authorities to learn with and from each other on how to finance and implement their sustainable energy and climate action plans using innovative schemes. Mentees were coming from differents European Countries: Greece, Spain, Belgium, Romania and Bulgaria. At the meeting were attending also some representatives of the City of Torino together with 2 officials coming from the municipality of Haarlem in Holland.

The main learning objectives were based on: financial analysis to assess the viability of an EPC solution; buildings selection criteria; how to write the tender specifications and design an EPC contract; the development of a robust energy savings monitoring and verification plan and  How to bundle projects for an ambitious regional strategy.

The first day was dedicated to presentations made by Regione Piemonte, mainly based on a general view of Stepping project structure and the EPC bundling approach, by EnviPark, focused on technical assessment, audits and monitoring and by a lawyer with a specific expertise in EPC contracts.  During the afternoon, thanks to a web conference, some other Stepping partners took the floor. In this way the PROSPECT mentees could hear the different approaches, the constrains faced and the lessons learnt during Stepping implementation in Spain, Greece and France.  The participant to this training had also the opportunity to practice with the Stepping EPC simulation tool, and directly verify how to assess an investment plan of a bundling of buildings by changing economic and technical different investment scenarios. They showed to be particularly interested in investigate further some aspects like tender mechanism, payback time related to intervention foreseen and municipalities cooperation.

A site visit to a primary school in the municipality of Bruino, nearby Torino, was the main event scheduled in agenda on the second day. The participants appreciated the opportunity of visiting this public building recently refurbished thanks to an EPC and which obtained the nZEB certification. They were welcomed by the municipality major and technicians and a detailed explanation of the works implemented and the monitoring system now running, was done by the ESCO who won the tender.