Workshop - Financing Energy Efficiency

In the framework of the PROSPECT2030 Interreg Central Europe project the workshop on the topic of »Financing Energy Efficiency« was organized. The host of online workshop was STEPPING PLUS lead partner Regione Piemonte (Italy), organized on 15th April 2021.

The workshop has targeted the replicant partners and was one of a series of workshops for sharing experiences and transferring knowledge.

In the workshop, after an overview of the next European framework program, concrete examples from Italy, Poland and other Central Europe Countries on the use of ERDF funds, Energy Performance Contracts and other green financial instruments were presented.

As the theme of the workshop was related to the content of the STEPPING PLUS project, the project partners also attended to have the opportunity to hear about Energy Performance Contracting for public buildings in Piemonte, namely about methods and examples for bundling small projects, presented by Silvio De Nigris (Piemonte Region).  

More about workshops you can find HERE. Workshops were/are open to the public.