Project short description

Innovative financial mechanism, such as Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) can be a valuable tool to foster investments in energy refurbishment of public buildings. Due to the former STEPPING project, the 3 GIVER Partners, coming from Italy and France, have acquired good experience in the specific field and can now transfer their knowledge and then main outputs achieved, the MED EPC guidelines and the Simulation Tool 6 RECEIVERS. This will be done thanks to the added value of a transnational approach that allows to mutualize different solutions. The implementation of EPC  is a complex undertaking which requires specific skills to be gained through practical experience. Given this, the Givers are those that obtained the most important results in STEPPING, while the selected Receivers will be divided into 2 different groups. The first one includes 3 institutions placed in the Givers territories: they will be supported with a one-to-one transferring approach and will work together with a learning by doing approach that will provide the drafting of one EPC Investment Plan in each region. The other 3 Receivers, placed in Slovenia and Spain, are not new comer in EPC, since the effectiveness of the transferring is maximized if a solid EPC concept knowledge is already in place, and will be involved in mutual learning and exchange programs. By consequence, they will develop Action Plan for the roll out of EPC in the future in their region.